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École St. Mary
News Item

Welcome New Staff

June 27, 2017


Welcome to our new staff.  Although we were sad to see our teachers leave us this past June, we are excited to have a wonderful group of teachers and staff join us for the 2017-2018 school year. We welcome them and know that they will have a postive role in the development of our students.   

​Joining École St. Mary this year is:

  • Mme Forrest - Vice principal
  • Mme Horn - Grade 3
  • Mme Laposta and M Mbanza  - Grade 4
  • Mme Walcott  - Grade 6
  • Mme Olmos  - Grade 6/7
  • Mme Kooger-Vixamar - Prep 
  • Mme Biram - Prep
  • Mme Ngyuen - Instructional Assistant
  • Mme Manirakiz - Instructional Assistant


new staff