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St. Michael Community School
Principal's Message
​Each month Mr. Schwebius prepares a review of the school's activities and highlights which is discussed with parents at the monthly CSCC meeting & published here for our school community ...

Principal's Review of December 2017 & January 2018

​School Climate and Culture – Safe and Caring Schools

    • Current enrollment of 162 students (166 last year at this time
    • Teachers are continuing to work with students to gather samples of work and discuss with students the ways that they can improve and work toward goals.
    • Student-involved conferences on March 21st and 22nd – No school on March 23rd, 2018
    • Attendance monitoring – Tracking at the Office – Mrs. Zuck, Ms. Appleyard and Mr. Schwebius are monitoring attendance concerns and visiting homes as need be.
    • March Reading benchmarking will soon be upon us
    • Bulling Awareness - Saskatchewan Red Cross Day of Pink - Students will be encouraged to wear pink and we will hold a special Liturgy on Wed. Feb. 28th.
    • St. Michael Olympic games – Friday, Feb. 9th, 2018 – followed by Taco in a Bag lunch​ 

​  Catholic Distinctiveness

    • Connections with Resurrection Parish
      • Muffins and applesauce each week
      • School supplies for the fall
      • Parish Christmas lunch for the entire school
      • Knights of Columbus sponsoring of our bus rides to Resurrection
      • 15 Christmas hampers
    • Ecole St. Pius X – Support of our families – 15 Christmas hampers
    • Father James/Stacy visits – will continue in 2018
    • Myriam Sisters will continue to visit – next visit is Feb. 15th, 2018
    • Ash Wednesday Mass – Wednesday, Feb. 14th 2018– Liturgy at School – 1:00 PM at Our Lady of Peace Church. All families invited.
    • Weekly Lenten Liturgies are planned – Service themes for each week based on the Scriptural "Works of Mercy" – "Showing the Face of Christ" to each other
    • Christian Leadership Team – leading morning prayers, getting into classrooms before Ash Wednesday, Ministry positions at March Parish Mass 

Academics - Literacy and Math

    • Aboriginal Storytelling week – Rhonda Donais in attendance on Feb. 8th, 2017 – Grade 5/6 and 7/8 trips to RPL with Metis artist and author Leah Dorion -  Ms. Norton visiting 7/8 for oral storytelling
    • Literacy night – Wed. Feb. 28th – A great night of literacy for the whole family.
    • Reading Blitz – Tuesday, Jan. 30th - Thanks to the CSCC for their support of our Reading Blitzes 


    • Boys basketball – 5-on-5 – Continues – Games against other RCSD schools from across the city – HoopLife program visited on Monday, Feb. 5th, 2018
    • Badminton will begin in March.
    • Cross-Country Skiing – lack of snow has been challenging 

 Community Connections​

    • Kiwanis "Deep Discount" Clothing Sale – Oct. 2017 -  money raised for the school and clothes for our students – Kiwanis also continued their support of our families with 5 Christmas hampers.
    • 2 "pre-intern" Student Teachers – University of Regina– working with Mrs. Sayer and Mr. Gallagher
    • Moshom Dennis continues to work with our students and teachers in a variety of ways
    • Eden House visits – grade 2/3 later this winter/spring
Principal's Review of November 2017​​​​​ 
  • School Climate and Culture – Safe and Caring Schools
    • Current enrollment of students – 159 students
    • Term 1 Progress Reports – Term 1 Conferences – 99% of families attended – 97% of students attended.
    • School Christmas lunch – Tuesday, Dec. 19th at Resurrection Parish – After Advent Mass at Our Lady of Peace, we will bus over
    • Christmas Concert
      • Morning Dry-Run – Tuesday, Dec. 12 - 10:00 AM – All students watch
      • Afternoon Dress Rehearsal – Families Invited – Wednesday, Dec. 13th - 1:00 PM – Students in classes
      • Evening Concert – Wednesday, Dec. 13th - 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Students arrive in classroom at 6:30
    • Friday, Dec. 22nd (day 3) – School Dismissed 1 hour early - 2:10
    • Classes resume Monday, January 8th, 2018
  • Catholic Distinctiveness
    • Advent Service Projects – Visit to Eden House (2/3 cookie decorating) – Visit to Sun Lodge (pîsimokamik) to visit with seniors and hand out toiletries - Advent Cards for the neighborhood
    • Advent Mass – Tuesday, Dec. 19th – 10:00 AM – Our Lady of Peace Parish – Families are more than welcome to join us – students will be leading the Mass Ministries
    • Father James and Stacy visits each month
    • Myriam Sisters continue with their monthly visits
  • Academics
    • Outcomes Based Reporting: Parent feedback requested
    • Next Literacy night – Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 6th - We continue to work with the Regina Food Bank to provide household items to the families attending.  Tickets in exchange for household items.
  • Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular
    • Volleyball wrapped up with the St. Michael co-ed team meeting up with St. Gabriel and St. Augustine in the play-offs.  The team improved immensely throughout the year.
    • Basketball beginning after Christmas break.
  • Community Connections
    • RCSD Board of Trustees/CSCC Annual Fall meeting – Thursday, Nov. 16th – 6:30 PM at Holy Rosary Community School – Dean and Michele attended the meeting and then listened to a guest-speaker addressing "Equality from head to Toe."
    • Sask. Energy – St. Michael Community School Santa Store – Friday, Dec. 8th
    • Bikes for Kids – Powerhouse Mortages thru the United Way will launch the "Bikes for Kids" Initiative this coming Thursday, Dec. 7th.  Many guests and media in attendance. Winning students will be awarded with brand new bikes, helmets and locks.  Students earned entry ballots in their classrooms when they demonstrate positive attendance, academics and attitude.  Winners were drawn last Thursday, Nov. 30th.
​Principal's Review of October 2017​​​​​ 
  • School Climate and Culture – Safe and Caring Schools
    • Current enrollment of 155 students – slightly lower (-7) than last Nov. 2016
    • Grade 1-2-3 teachers are planning "benchmarking" students to determine reading levels and adjust reading groups and literacy instruction.
    • In preparation of 1st term progress reports and conferences, teachers continue to collect samples of student work (building portfolios) and work with students to set goals, identify areas of strength and weakness and to develop plans for the future (goal setting).
    • Outcomes Base Assessment Parent Information – Attached Letter
    • 2017-18 Student involved Conference family survey results
    • November Student-Involved Conferences
      • 4:00-7:30 – Wed. Nov. 29th
      • 4:00-7:30 – Thur. Nov. 30th
      • No School for staff or students – Friday, Dec. 1st, 2017 
    • Remembrance Day Liturgy with Mother Theresa Middle School – Thursday, Nov. 9th – 10:40 AM in the gym – All families welcome
  • Catholic Distinctiveness
    • Advent Service Projects – Advent Cards for the neighborhood – decorating food bank hamper boxes
    • Father James and Stacy visits each month – 2 visits this year
    • Myriam Sisters have begun their monthly visits – next visit Thursday, Nov. 9th, 2017
    • Equity Head to Toe – special guest speaker – Thursday, Nov. 16th – 7:00-8:30 – Gratton Room (3120 14th Ave.) – How families can support their children at home and in the world.
  • Literacy Night
    • Next Literacy night – Thursday, Nov. 15th, 2017.
    • We continue to work with the Regina Food Bank to provide household items to the families attending.
  • Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular
    • Football and Cross Country running have wrapped up.
    • Volleyball is underway – great coaching and players
  • Community Connections
    • RCSD Board of Trustees/CSCC Annual Fall meeting – Thursday, Nov. 16th – 6:00 PM at Holy Rosary Community School Gymnasium – All CSCC members welcome – Transportation is available (see Dean)
    • Sask. Energy – St. Michael Community School Santa Store – Dec. 7th set-up = Dec. 8th Santa Store
    • Queen City Kiwanis Clothing Sale – Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 2017 – Approximately $2500 raised that will be donated directly back to St. Michael Community School​​
​Principal's Review of September 2017​​​​​ 
  • ​​Catholic Distinctiveness
    • RCSD School year theme for 2017-18 – Let Your Light Shine
    • We celebrated our opening Mass and Kindergarten Welcome on Thursday, Sept. 28th Our Masses will take place at Our Lady of Peace Parish and Father James and Pastoral Assistant Stacy continue to support our school
    • Father James and Stacy will also be visiting the school one afternoon per month.
    • The Myriam Sisters will visit the classrooms once a month.
    • Staff were invited to the Our Lady of Peace Commissioning Mass and pancake breakfast at 10:30 AM, Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2017
    • We are currently collecting food for the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Food Drive.  We hope to beat last year's weight of food, which was approximately 250 pounds.
    • We have purchased St. Michael t-shirts again this year. Every student will receive a shirt and be encouraged to wear it on St. Michael Wednesdays.
    • We are presently in the middle of our annual Food Drive for FCC.  Our goal is 250 lbs or more which would break last year's record.
  • School Start up
    • 156 students as of Oct. 4th, 2017 (3 students less than last year at this time)
    • 16 PreK and 12 K
    • Grades 1-3 classrooms are 21-23 students - good numbers for these age groups.
    • Grade 4/5 – 28 students - 5/6 – 25 students – grade 7/8 – 31 students
    • New Teachers: 1) Ms. Turlock (Pre-K and K) - Ms. Whitehouse (grade 2/3) –– Ms. Fischer (7/8) – TA Rachel Hunter – IA/TA Amber Derkson
    • Teachers focus on administering some of the beginning of the year assessments in Reading and Writing and developing the routines and procedures for their classrooms in September, 2017.
  • Safe and Orderly environment
    • We continue to work on school and classroom procedures, routines and expectation.
    • We have had 1 fire drill practice. 2 more will be scheduled this fall.
    • We have had 1 lockdown drill with our School Resource Officer
    • We will have 1 reverse evacuation drill.
    • This year, we will continue with St. Michael Day on Wednesdays. We encourage the students to wear their shirts or school colors on Wednesday. The new shirts have been ordered and look great! (blue for students – black for staff).
    • CARE model - (Commitment, Consistent, Courage, Attendance, Attitude, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Relationship, Excellence, Empathy, Effort).  This year we will begin school wide recognition of students demonstrating these skills and values.​
  • Literacy Nights
    • We have had our first literacy evening on Wednesday, Sept. 20th  – STAR WARS theme. Mrs. Laursen will be implementing the program "Biblionasium" which will act as the system that students can use to record the books they have read, write reviews, etc.    AR is no longer used by RCSD.
    • This year we will continue to provide a snack and prizes. We will continue to partner with the Regina Food Bank. They have donated household items that we can provide free to our families.​​
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • Football – We had 8-12 students on our football team. Ms. Fischer coached.  The team played several games and will end the season with a pizza party next week.
    • Cross Country – We have approximately 10-12 students in grades 4-8 that are a part of this team. They have participated in 3 meets and had their last meet Sept. 28th, 2017 They have done extremely well improving each race. Mrs. Kendel coached.
    • Volleyball- Ms. Whitehouse and Ms. Norton will be leading the team this year and  will begin planning the season next week after the RCSD Coaches meeting.  We are planning on holding an invitational tournament as we have done in the past.