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St. Michael Community School
Principal's Greeting

A Greeting from our Principal, Dean Schwebius ...
Our school provides Pre-K to Grade 8 education with an additional focus in the areas of Literacy and Math.   With smaller class sizes, an alternative school day & additional supports, we offer our students & families a community  where relationships make the difference.  We also access English as an Additional Language (EAL) staff  to work with newcomer students, who now comprise 50% of our diverse population.  
St. Michael's offers a variety of extra-curricular programs including sports, band, cooking clubs, girls/boys groups, and cultural activities. Through our Nutrition Program, we offer breakfast, 2 hot lunches a week and snack 3 times a week.   We celebrate our successes regularly at assemblies & liturgies.  Our Catholic School Community Council continues to generously support our monthly Family Literacy Nights, where parents & students learn the importance of literacy  and building a life-long love of reading in the home.  Attendance is a priority at our school ...  our students maintain monthly attendance of 95% or better.​
 When staff & families work together, we discover and nourish the potential of all of our children. ​