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St. Michael Community School


St. Michael Community School

CSCC Member List 2017-2018

NamePositionP/CTermContact Information
Ms. Michelle Peters  *ChairParent1st yearPlease connect with the school
Ms. Stephanie Johnston *Vice-ChairParent1st year by phone or e-mail to contact
Ms. Jenelle McArthurDirectorParent2nd yearindividual members
Ms. Misty SugarDirectorParent2nd year 
Ms. Amy DavisDirectorParent1st year 
Ms. Shannon LeJourDirectorParent1st year 
Ms. Doreen ToppDirectorGrandparent On medical leave


Representative Members
NamePositionContact Information
Mr. Dean SchwebiusPrincipal(306) 791-7375
Ms. Marcia AppleyardOffice Manager(306) 791-7375
Ms. Denise ZuckSchool Community Coordinator(306) 791-7375
St. Michael teachers rotateTeacher(306) 791-7375
Antonette RotheckerOur Lady of Peace Parish(306) 545-5397

*returning to Council for a new term

Council meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, beginning in October.

​September 27, 2017