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St. Michael Community School


St. Michael Community School

CSCC Member List 2017-2018

NamePositionP/CTermContact Information
Ms. Michelle Peters  *ChairParent1st yearPlease connect with the school
Ms. Stephanie Johnston *Vice-ChairParent1st year by phone or e-mail to contact
Ms. Jenelle McArthurDirectorParent2nd yearindividual members
Ms. Misty SugarDirectorParent2nd year 
Ms. Amy DavisDirectorParent1st year 
Ms. Shannon LeJourDirectorParent1st year 
Ms. Doreen ToppDirectorGrandparent On medical leave


Representative Members​​
NamePositionContact Information
Mr. Dean SchwebiusPrincipal(306) 791-7375
Ms. Marcia AppleyardOffice Manager(306) 791-7375
Ms. Denise ZuckSchool Community Coordinator(306) 791-7375
St. Michael teachers rotateTeacher(306) 791-7375
Antonette RotheckerOur Lady of Peace Parish(306) 545-5397

*returning to Council for a new term

Council meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, beginning in October.

​September 27, 2017