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St. Michael Community School
News Item

Staff Changes for 2017-2018

June 30, 2017

​We are happy & sad to announce the following staff changes for 2017-2018.

Ms. Turlock will be replacing Ms. Lipp as PreKindergarten & Kindergarten teacher.
Ms. Derkson will step into Ms. M. Fisher's spot as Teaching Assistant for the little ones.
Ms. Whitehouse is taking on the Grade 2/3 class where Ms. Alderman so ablely filled in for Ms. Saworski.
Ms. T. Fischer is coming over to teack our senior students in Grade 7/8, replacing Ms. Baumgartner.
Ms. Dorn & Ms. Koshykowski will be taking over "English as an Additional Language", expanding on the work of Ms. Unteriener.
Mr. Wolfe will replace Ms. Sentes as Head Caretaker.
In addition, we bid farewell to Ms. Lenius (TA) & Ms. Kaiser (math).  To all those who contributed to the well-being & success of our school & our students, be it for a year or for many ... heartfelt THANKS.  To those beginning their work at St. Michael ... welcome to our family.

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