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St. Michael Community School
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What does the 'Theodore' decision mean for St. Michael ?

February 13, 2018

​​​​​St. Michael Community School has, for some time, welcomed non-Catholic families seeking a faith-filled education for their children.  Our community needs to be aware of the potential impact of the 'Theodore' court case  ...

  •  Each student, Catholic or non-Catholic, is currently funded by the government, allowing us to create a diverse, sustainable  community reflecting the inclusive values of our Catholic faith.
  • ​ The 2017 court decision determined that governments can​not provide public funds for non-Catholic  students attending Catholic schools.​
  •  Since we believe our school is strengthened by including families interested in faith-based education, we are joining Catholics across the province raising money to appeal this disruptive​ court decision. 
  • Our school will hold several fundraisers this spring in support of the Catholic education legal fund. 
  • We are all stronger when we work together in Christ's name ... we thank our community for contributing to the future of Catholic schools in Saskatchewan. 

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