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St. Nicholas School


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Mini Meets
May 12th All Day (All grade 4-8 students) Bring shoes, water bottle, weather appropriate clothing, lunch and snacks. 
May 18th PM
May 24th AM

Dear Parents:

Your son/daughter has expressed interest in participating in Track and Field at St. Nicholas Community School.

The Philosophy for Regina Catholic Schools Elementary Inter-School Sports

Elementary inter-school sports activities are an important part of the education program that contribute to students' physical, mental, emotional and social development.  These sports activities are organized to foster sportsmanship, fair play and respect for others before winning.

Participation on an athletic team demands a commitment that involves both dedication and sacrifice.  Coaches and parents can help students develop positive character habits by discussing, modeling and reinforcing the desired attitudes and beliefs.  

The Beliefs that Guide Our Actions

Inter-school sports activities in Regina Catholic Elementary Schools are guided by the following beliefs.

1.       We believe it is important to provide our students with opportunities for inter-school sports activities to encourage physical activity and skill development.  

2.       We believe students who are engaged in inter-school sports activities develop better social skills and life skills.

3.       We believe inter-school sports activities provide opportunities for students to explore different sports and to enjoy positive interaction with others who have similar interests. 

The structure of elementary inter-school athletics in Regina Catholic Schools is subject to season length, availability of volunteer staff and other limited resources.  If team numbers are too high, it is difficult to provide adequate playing time, attention to individual development or to arrange transportation to and from games. For these reasons, we will conduct a selection process, using the criteria which have been developed in reference to the National Catholic Education Association's document, Athletics and the Gospel Mission of the Catholic School by Rev. Richard McGrath, OSA, Ph. D.  

Father McGrath states:

"The very fact that Catholic schools offer athletic programs shows that athletic competition is valued as a way of teaching and training young men and women to cope with life in competitive circumstances.  Competition in our society requires values that we all respect. Teamwork, honesty, cooperation, self-sacrifice, dedication, obedience, hard work, goal-setting, respect, self-discipline, and mutual encouragement are expected outcomes for young people who participate in sports.  These traits are preparation for adult life.  By offering athletic programs, Catholic schools are saying that they want to provide this avenue of expression for their students.  Catholic schools cannot be satisfied just to have a program.  The program should also excel; it should be competitive."

At St. Nicholas School, administration and coaches to establish criteria for the selection of students to inter-school sports teams. 

Eligibility criteria for participating on the team include:

  • Attendance – students attend all practices and will notify the coach if they will be absent. 
  • Sportsmanship – students demonstrate a positive attitude and act as goodwill ambassadors for the school.
  • "Coachability" – students are willing to respond to coaching instructions, suggestions, and ideas.
  • Team Spirit – student behaviour towards all of their teammates is supportive at all times.
  • Safety Considerations – a student's skill level/ability is not a safety concern to self or others.
  • Grade Level – Grade Four to Grade Eight (exception of age appropriate grade threes)

We look forward to working with you and hope that you support your child to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that athletics provides.

Below is a list of potential track and field dates. Meets may be cancelled due to weather with no make up dates. If your child meets the criteria outlined, he/she will participate in at least one of the meets weather permitting.

May 12 All Day
School Meet Grade 4-8)
May 16 PMMini Meet
May 24 AMMini Meet
June 7 and 8 (9 rain day) All DayRegina Catholic Schools City Meet


In order to make the track team, students are expected to attend all possible practices with a positive attitude and their best effort. The coaches will let the students know who is going to which meet and in what events prior to the meets. While mini meets and practices are used to help select the team, they are also used to get as many students as possible participating. For the city meet only one participant is allowed to participate per event (with one alternate as a back up) therefore the track coaches will choose the team.


We hope this track and field season is fun and enjoyable for all who participate.


St. Nicholas Track Coaches

NOTE ****   Cross Country - Postponed until Spring.