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St. Nicholas School


The St. Nicholas CSCC Constitution
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Updated June 2020


1.         The name of the Council is St. Nicholas CSCC

2.         Mission Statement

The St. Nicholas CSCC mission is to promote Catholic Education through encouraging success for all students through parents and community involvement and representing the St. Nicholas Community at all levels while working in conjunction with St. Nicholas Personnel.

3.         Guiding Principles

Representative - To strive, through our membership and actions, to be representative of all students attending the school.

Inclusive - To engage in processes to ensure all voices in the school community are heard, and all perspectives are taken into account.

Respectful - To recognize the importance of both lay and professional perspectives within the community, and to strive to appreciate all viewpoints.

Trustworthy - To conduct our affairs in an open and transparent manner. To honour the right to privacy of individuals and treat all information we are privy to with appropriate discretion and sensitivity.

4.         Membership

 4.1       Elected Members

The St. Nicholas CSCC will have the following Elected Members: 

5-9 parent and Catholic community members elected at the Annual General Meeting (parents must be the majority)

4.2       Appointed Members

The St. Nicholas CSCC will have the following Appointed Members: 

  1. Principal
  1.  Teacher

    4.3      Composition of Membership

    4.3.1   Every effort will be made to attempt to have the membership of Council be reflective of the demographics of the student population

    4.3.2   Schools with students in attendance who live on a First Nation Reserve will make provision for representation from the Reserve

    4.4     Terms of Office

    Where possible, the term of office will normally be 1 year with the option to extend to a maximum of two consecutive years, for all roles excluding the Chairperson. The role of the Chairperson will be two years. Members may hold dual roles if sufficient volunteers are not available.

    4.5       Removal from Office

    A St. Nicholas CSCC member shall vacate his or her office as a member of the St. Nicholas CSCC if the member:

    4.5.1 is convicted of an indictable offence;

    4.5.2 is absent from 3 or more consecutive meetings of the St. Nicholas CSCC;

    4.5.3 ceases to be eligible for election as a member pursuant to the Education Act and Regulations or policies of the Regina Catholic School Board.

    5.         Executive Structure

    5.1      The Executive structure will consist of the following positions:
  1. Chairperson
  1. Vice-Chairperson
  1. Secretary
  1. Treasurer

    5    Parish Liaison

    6 Up to five Director positions including:

    - Director of Fundraising

    - Director of Student Relations

    - Director of School Relations

    - Director of Teacher Relations

    - Director of Community Relations

    5.2       The Council may include additional sub committees comprised of Members at large

    6.         Meetings

    6.1       The Annual General Meeting/elections will be held in the in the Spring of each year.   

    6.2       The St. Nicholas CSCC will meet a minimum of 5 times per year. 

    6.3      Model of Governance

    The St. Nicholas St. Nicholas CSCC will use a Town- Hall model(s) of governance.

                The Town-Hall ModelIn this model, members are elected to the St. Nicholas CSCC but regular meetings are open to the entire school community.  Any member of the school community can participate in the meeting. Only business pertaining to the roles and responsibilities of the St. Nicholas CSCC can be considered at a special meeting.

    6.4     Voting

    Voting will be determined in accordance with the decision making model adopted by the council

    6.5     Quorum

    A quorum of the St. Nicholas CSCC will consist of those present, provided that the membership is advised of the meeting at least one week in advance. 

                6.6       Special Meeting

    A special meeting of the St. Nicholas CSCC shall be called by the chair if required to do so by the Board of Education. Only business pertaining to the roles and responsibilities of St. Nicholas CSCCs can be considered at a special meeting.

    7.      Public Consultation and Communication

    7.1        The St. Nicholas CSCC will consult with the school community through the following strategies:
  1.  Meetings  
  1.  Website
  2.  Notices
  3.  School Messenger

    7.2       The St. Nicholas CSCC will communicate with the Regina Catholic School Board through the following strategies:     

                 -   1 page annual summary of its initiatives and accomplishments 

    8.         Code of Conduct

    8.1      St. Nicholas CSCC will work under the following Code of Conduct:

                 School Council Member shall:

                            1 Practice the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

                            2   Recognize and respect each member of the school community.

    3   Encourage a positive atmosphere where individual contributions are encouraged and valued.

                            4   Contribute to consensus building.

                            5   Consider the best interests of all students.

                            6   Use the appropriate communication channels when questions or  concerns arise.

                            7   Declare any conflict of interest.

    8   Endeavor to be familiar with school and Division policies and  operating practices and act in accordance with them.

    9.         Conflict of Interest

    9.1         A St. Nicholas CSCC member may occasionally find him/herself in a conflict of interest position in terms of some issue under consideration by the CSCC.  When this happens, the Member should declare that he/she is in a conflict of interest situation and leave the room for the portion of the meeting, thus refraining from participating in the discussion.  The Member should not vote on any decision made on the issue. 

    10.      Decision-Making Process

      10.2  St. Nicholas CSCC will use the following decision-making processes:

    Type of Decision:       All

    Process Employed:   Majority Vote. Consensus will be used, if not agreed to by majority vote.

    11.       Handling Complaints or Concerns

    11.1    It is not the responsibility of the St. Nicholas Catholic School Community   Council to deal with concerns or complaints about individuals other than to direct the concern to the appropriate individual.  Regina Catholic School Board Policy 1110 Parent and CSCC Complaints outline the        appropriate procedure to resolve complaints or concerns. 

    11.2    Complaints or Concerns about the St. Nicholas CSCC Initiatives or Activities

    11.2.1      Informal Complaints or Concerns

    Provided St. Nicholas CSCC Members are comfortable in their knowledge and feel at ease expressing themselves, concerns or questions about the CSCC initiatives or activities expressed informally to members of the St. Nicholas CSCC may be addressed immediately by the Member.  If a Member is unsure of the appropriate response, he/she should say so but indicate that he/she will check and get back to the individual.  If such a commitment is made the Member must follow through.  After responding to the complaint or concern the Member should always ask if the response has been satisfactory.  If the individual is not satisfied with the response, the Member should explain how the concern or complaint could be brought to the attention of the St. Nicholas CSCC in a more formal manner. 

    11.2.2       Formal Complaints or Concerns –

    Concerns or complaints can be brought to the attention of the     St. Nicholas CSCC by addressing the concern in writing to the Chairperson or by requesting that the Chairperson provide the individual with an opportunity to meet with the Council at an upcoming meeting.  The St. Nicholas CSCC will provide a written response.
  1.       Conflict Resolution Process

    12.1.1 The St. Nicholas CSCC will follow the Conflict Resolution Policies as outlined in Board Policy A7120.1 Violence Prevention and Administrative Applications 11110.1 School Based Procedures for Resolving Parent/Staff Conflict
  1.       Committees

    13.1     St. Nicholas CSCC will establish committees as required.

    14.       Amending the Constitution

    14.1    The St. Nicholas CSCC may amend its constitution by providing one-month notification, followed by a vote at the annual meeting.

    14.2    Amendments to the Constitution are not considered to be in effect until approved by the Director of Education for Regina Catholic Schools 
    15.       Finance

    15.1    All government funds allotted to school community councils must be tracked according to guidelines set by Saskatchewan Learning.

    15.2    An annual statement will be provided to the Board at the end of the school year outlining the use of government funds

    15.3     An annual statement will be provided to the school community, by the Chairperson, at the end of the school year outlining the use of all funds

    15.4    The St. Nicholas CSCC Bank account must have a minimum of 2 signatures.

    15.5    Signing authority for the St. Nicholas CSCC bank account will be the Treasurer and Chairperson and Vice Chairperson (Minimum any 2).

    St. Nicholas CSCC Member Roles and Responsibilities

    16.      Roles and Responsibilities of St. Nicholas CSCC Officers

    16.1    The Chairperson will: 
  1. Conduct meetings of the St. Nicholas CSCC;
  1. Ensure that all members have input to discussion and decisions;
  1. Prepare meeting agendas in consultation with the Principal or other St. Nicholas CSCC Members;
  1. Oversee operations of the St. Nicholas CSCC;
  1. Establish networks that support the St. Nicholas CSCC; and,
  1. Act as a spokesperson for the St. Nicholas CSCC. 
  2. Receive and send correspondence on behalf of the St. Nicholas CSCC.
  3.  Ensure that appropriate notice is given for all meetings of the St. Nicholas CSCC.  

    16.2    The Vice-Chairperson will: 
  1. Support the Chairperson in his/her duties, taking over when the Chairperson is unable to attend; and,
  2. Perform responsibilities assigned by the Chairperson.

    16.3    The Secretary will: 

                      1   Take minutes at St. Nicholas CSCC meetings;

                      2    Circulate minutes no later than 1 week following the meeting         

    16.4    The Treasurer will: 
  1. Ensure the accountability for all monies received
  1. Ensure that deposits and payments are made in a timely fashion
  1. Maintain an up to date ledger
  1. Reconcile monthly statements with the ledger
  1. Provide a Treasurer's Report at each regular meeting outlining all monies received, spent, and outstanding, and year to date budget status
  1. Provide the banking institution with required information and arrange for succession procedure following a change in ST. NICHOLAS CSCC Executive Members
  1. Provide a report to the School Community at the end of the school year.
  1. Manage the Government Grant provided to the St. Nicholas CSCC using procedures outlined in the ST. NICHOLAS CSCC Guide
  1. Comply with reporting procedures surrounding government funds provided to the St. Nicholas CSCC
  2.  Take charge of any official records of the St. Nicholas CSCC; and

    16.5    Members at Large will attend meetings on a regular basis and assist as required.

    16.6    The Principal will:
  1. Ensure that Board Policy and Procedures are communicated and followed
  1. Provide guidance and access to appropriate resources
  1. Facilitate communication within Council and between Council and School Staff and Council and the Board

    16.7    Staff Members will act as liaison between staff and the St. Nicholas CSCC.

    16.8      Parish Representatives will attend meeting and assist as required.

    17.     Evaluating Council Operations

    17.1    The St. Nicholas CSCC will use the following the following strategies to evaluate its effectiveness:

                An annual review and discussion of year's events at a year end