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St. Nicholas School

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​Junior Battle of the Books

Who can participate?Book Battle.jpg

Battle of the Books is an optional activity for Grade 3 and 4 students interested in reading, and would like to participate in a competitive team event at the school.


What is it?

Students on a team commit to becoming "experts" in at least 2 books that they will be expected to read (multiple times). During the Battles, the teams will answer comprehension questions about the books. These questions start with "In which book…?"  Then the teams answer by writing down the name of the book and the author.


What do the students need to do?

Students are responsible to make their own team of 3-4 players (+ team name) and commit to their team that they will become experts in their books. Each team will be required to read a total of 8 books.  Any member of the team can read as many of the 8 books as they want as long as each member has read 2 books and all 8 books are covered in the team.


When is it?

Students will be given the majority of October to read their books. School battles will start in early November along with one battle to practice writing down the titles and authors of the books.

School Battles will be held at school over the lunch hour once a week starting in November. The specific days will be sent to the teams at a later time. We will also have the opportunity to have a final tournament with other participating schools.​

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