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St. Nicholas School
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Season of Advent begins December 1st

November 20, 2019


The Advent Season for 2019 begins on December 1st. Advent means "the coming" or "arrival". During this season, we wait with anticipation for both the special day of Christmas and the joyful day when Jesus returns once again to Earth. Advent helps us to remember that Jesus is near and connects us spiritually with God's whole plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.


The Church sets aside this season for preparation and remembrance. The characteristics of the Advent season are:

  • Hopeful longing
  • Joyful expectation
  • Prayerful penance
  • Spiritual preparation


With these characteristic in mind, Advent looks to strengthen:


  • Our spiritual History
  • Our present redemption
  • Our anticipation of the coming of Christ again


Sometimes we miss Advent's power because the December weeks are full of Christmas preparations. The business of this season seems at times to distract us from having an Advent season that truly prepares us for the celebration of Christmas, with all its meaning.


Here at St. Nicholas we are striving to make Advent a meaningful season where we teach and connect the true meaning. How fitting to have our namesake, Nicholas, as a model of compassion and generosity to those in need. We want to continue with St. Nicholas' example of kindness, love and prayer throughout Advent. We will work together to prepare our students to welcome Jesus into their hearts at Christmas and shine His light to others. Our Plan is twofold: Acts of Kindness and Prayer.


Acts of Kindness


Students will be involved in classroom-based service around our community:

Grades Kindergartens 1, 1/2, 2, 2/3

K, 1, 1/2, 2, 2/3 - Bake Sale (fundraiser for another school's Christmas Hampers) Students will be baking on Mon. Dec. 2 and Tues. Dec. 3 with parent volunteers.  We will sell the bake sale items on Wed. Dec. 4 and Thurs. Dec. 5.



Grades 3/4A, 3/4B, 4/5

3/4A, 3/4B, 4/5 - Candy Cane Candy Grams & Pizza Sale (fundraiser for another school's Christmas Hampers)  Nov. 26 & 29 will be a pizza sale for Gr. 1 – 8.  Candy Cane Candy Grams will be sold the weeks of Nov. 25 – Dec. 5.  Candy Grams will be delivered to students on the St. Nicholas Feast Day (Dec. 6) in the afternoon.


Grades 5/6A & 5/6B
  • will be putting together comfort/blessing bags for the Marian Centre. This will include collection of goods (nuts, shampoo, razors etc) until December 9. As well, a popcorn and sno cone sale will take place on December 12 and 13.


Grade 6/7
  • will be putting together the hamper donations and creating a video for Advent Night


Grade 7/8A, 7/8B
  • will be creating, organizing and running the Advent Night activities for St. Nicholas



This year we have had three schools contact us in need of hampers. Therefore we will be:

  • Creating 14 hampers for families at one school (one per class). There will be sign ups located at each classroom on the day of your November conference. Please sign up if you are able.
  • A total of almost $650 collected from the grade 6-8 Halloween dance was donated to a second school for their hampers.
  • All money from the Acts of Kindness from the kindergarten to gr. 4/5 will go to hampers at a third school.

If you wish to make a cash donation for the hampers, send it with your child or drop it off in the office.




Prayer is essential to our Advent preparation. This year we will have Advent liturgies every Monday morning to start our week. As well, classroom swill focus their religion classes and prayer on Advent.


As a culminating event for our community, you are invited to join us in an Advent celebration on Tuesday December 17th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at St. Nicholas School. The evening will begin with an Advent liturgy so we can share our peace and hope for the Advent season.  Families will then be able to partake in Advent activities located around the school that will be run by our senior classrooms.


Saint Mother Teresa said, "At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God's own love and concern.


Our hope is that through our prayer and service we are warming or hearts to welcome Jesus while building hope, peace, joy and love in our community.


We look forward to seeing you at our Advent celebration!