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St. Peter School
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Sacramental Prep Classes

January 12, 2021

Church.gifSt. Peter Parish invites those with children in Grade 2 and up who haven't yet received the sacrament of First Communion, Reconciliation or Confirmation to register by January 25 in sacramental prep classes. Registration forms are available in the church entrance, at the Parish Office, and at Forms can also be sent home from school by contacting Mrs. Simic at   Details for classes, as well as the date for Confirmation, have not been set yet.    We will send that information out when it becomes available to those who have registered for the sacraments. (Please include your email addresses and print clearly.) If the child being registered was baptised at a parish other than St. Peter, Regina, please include a copy of their baptism certificate, or if you don't have it handy, ask the church of their baptism to email us a copy of it. Our email address is