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St. Peter School
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Appropriate School Dress

May 08, 2018

Appropriate Clothing.gifSpring has sprung, and with the warmer temperatures comes a chance to break out the summer clothing! At this time, we would like to remind everyone to dress appropriately for our Catholic School. Clothing should reflect good things about our students – dignity, confidence, high self‐esteem. It's no secret that revealing clothing sends messages; messages (whether intentional or not) that might not be congruent with our Catholic values and teachings.

Tips for appropriate dress for students at our school:

Please avoid:

  • t‐shirts/tops cut too low
  • shorts/skirts extending higher than half way from knee to hip
  • tops with spaghetti straps that reveal bra straps
  • sexually explicit wear
  • clothing with offensive messages
  • pants/shorts/skirts/that reveal any part of your bum or your belly button, stomach, underwear or top of derrières when you stand, sit reach or bend

Do wear clothing that:

  • is appropriate for the weather
  • is comfortable for movement
  • doesn't need constant adjusting to cover up
  • have "Lasagna noodle" width straps
  • is your size
  • makes you feel good on the inside!

We dress for fun or holidays in a certain way, and, when we are at school we should dress for school. It's not about arguing about self-expression - it's about what everyone knows is appropriate to wear in a school. If in doubt, change into something else so you can get to school and have fun with your friends. Changing into appropriate clothing will be the expected of students with questionable wear. We would much rather have students come to school dressed appropriately than have to interrupt learning to deal with clothing issues. We take pride in our school and students! This is one way of showing that we are becoming the quality people we want to be.


Bill Weir