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École St. Pius X


Bataille de livres



Do you like reading books and hanging out with friends? This is  a great way to improve your French reading,

 in a fun and relaxed way.   


Grab your friends from grade 5 to 8 and see Mme Grad to sign up. Teams are made up


by the students and must have from 2-4 players. Each team will be required to


read a total of 8 books. Most team members will only need to read 3 of the 5


books depending on the number of players per team.


Battles will be held at school over the lunch hour, while you eat your lunch you will answer


questions about the books you've read. Each question starts with “In which


book…?” You will answer with the name of the book and the author. We will also compete against other

schools on December 7th from 4-5pm!




Les livres 2018-19
Albums :
  • L'enfant qui n'avait su une fleur  (Andrée-Anne Gratton & Oussama Mezher) 
  • Frieda, c'est moi (Sophie Faucher)

*Roman graphique/Bande dessinée :  

  • Jimmy Tornado 2 Péril au fond des mers (Dugomier – Éditeur Le Lombard) 

*Romans (2) :

  • Léo P. Détective Privé  La disparition (Carine Paquin & Freg) 
  • Mammouth Rock (Eveline Payette & Guillaume Perreault)