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École St. Pius X
Library Procedures

​​​Welcome to our libr​ary! 

Watch this video as an example of correct library behaviour. (tee hee)


  ​Library Rules

1. Listen actively and use quiet voices in the library.

2. Choose "just right" books; books at your reading level.  There is no point in taking a book you do not understand.

3. Put things back, how you found them: books, chairs, pencils, devices, etc.

4. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

5. Take care of our school, library and materials. This is YOUR library, treat it with respect.


Visiting the Library

All students can access the library daily:

  During scheduled library time with classroom teacher.

 During Open  Book Exchange, daily from 9:00-9:30.


Open Book Exchange Time 

 Mme Grad will be available in the library to assist students in signing out books

 Classrooms may send up to 4 students at a time. 

 Students are to find a book, sign it out, and return to class promptly.


 Checking Out Books

  Only teachers will work the Circulation computer

  Students may check out as many items as indicated by the classroom teacher.  (Teacher discretion)

  Students may be given special permission from their classroom teacher to sign out additional materials for special projects.


Returning Books

 Students are to place books on the return counter.

 Student materials will be loaned out for one week. 

 Students are encouraged to renew their overdue books if they would like to keep them.

  Classroom teachers will be provided with overdue reports on a monthly basis. 


Lost Materials  & Ruined Items

 After several attempts to collect overdue resources students will be given a letter to take home.

 Students have the option to return materials or pay the replacement value.

 Use a bookmark (don't fold pages)

 Students should let Mme Grad know ASAP if they encounter a damaged resource.

 If a resource cannot be repaired the student will receive a fine notice to pay the replacement value.



 Textbooks will be signed out to the classroom teacher.

 Teachers have  a system to track the textbooks.

  Online resources should be accessed whenever possible to avoid sending books home.


​Library Team

 A student library team will be selected. These students will be trained to help out in the library with tasks such as shelving  books.

 The library team will follow their schedule which is posted on the wall. There should be no other students in the library at this time.