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Trying to engage your child and encourage them to read at home? Be sure to check out this article to encourage reading at home!

Read tips from All About Learning Press - How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Quick Tips

1. Make time for reading. If your child has a jam-packed schedule and reading is shoved between gymnastics and band practice, reading may seem like an unwelcome chore. Allow reading to be a relaxing and enjoyable time, free from pressure.

2. Set aside a regular read-aloud time with your children. Choose a variety of high-quality literature that appeals to your child’s age and interests. Audio books are another great option for a reluctant reader. And don’t abandon read-aloud time when your children get older—no one is too old for a great read-aloud.

3.  Make sure the reading material isn’t beyond your child’s reading abilities. The interest may be there, but if the book is hard to read, your child’s motivation will wane.

4. Look for a variety of reading material. Kids often gravitate toward the fiction shelves in the library, but don’t stop there. There are many other genres to consider: joke books, cookbooks, how-to books, graphic novels, and biographies are all great non-fiction possibilities. And children’s magazines can be a great out-of-the-box way to encourage a child to read.

5. Try buddy reading with your struggling reader. Buddy reading can help improve a child’s fluency and make him feel more comfortable with reading on his own.

6. Create a cozy reading nook. A special reading space may be all the encouragement your child needs to settle down and spend time with a good book!

7.  Have your reluctant reader read easy picture books to younger siblings. This provides excellent practice, yet it doesn’t feel like work.

8. Let humor work its magic! Select a funny book at your child’s reading level and read the first chapter aloud. Then stop reading. If your child wants to find out what happens next, he’ll have to read it himself! Check out any book by Mo Willams or Jory John... they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your child's face!

9. Exhibit a love of reading. When your kids observe that you love to read, they’re more likely to develop a love of reading themselves.

10. Provide access to books. Use your public library. Create a home library. Keep books accessible. When your child decides he wants to read, you want to be sure there’s a book at his fingertips. Be sure to check out our library and digital library on Sora!