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St. Timothy School
Library Procedures


1.  In the library, please be respectful of other students or teachers who are in the room. Treat others with kindness.

2.  ​Use your library voice at all times.

​3.  A teacher should be present in the library and always follow check out procedures. 

4.  Return books to the Book Return bin. 

5.   Use shelf markers at all times.

6.  Treat all boo​ks and school materials with respect. Leave the library neat and tidy.

7.  Student material will be loaned out for 1 week . All books must be returned before new books can be checked out.

8.  A notice will be sent home with a fine payment for all lost books.


1. All textbooks will be signed out to the classroom teacher.

2.  Teachers will develop a plan to track textbooks.

3. Additional textbooks will be ordered through the office.


Stephanie Evans

(306) 791-7395