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St. Timothy School
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St. Timothy Return to School Plan

August 26, 2020


Welcome to a new school year! Here at St. Timothy School we are working hard to keep our students safe and ready to be back in the classroom.  We have taken the steps to ensure the safety of our students and staff , so we would like to welcome you to our Open House on September 2nd. Please see the attached Return to School Plan which provides information from Regina Catholic School Division in regards to masks, hand hygiene, bussing, classroom cohorts and self-assessment screening.  In addition to this, the second document explores the St. Timothy School Return to School Parent Information Plan, as well as more detailed information related to staggered starts and our Open House.

RCSD Return to School Parent Information.docx

 St. Timothy Return to School Parent Information.docx

RCSD COVID-19 Self-Assessment Screening Tool.pdf