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St. Timothy School
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From the Desk of Mrs. Grywul

September 28, 2018

​Just a few reminders:

Please make sure to call in all absences to the office at 306-791-7395 or email

Milk Cards are $20.00 for 16 milk or $10.00 for 8 milk.

A change of clothes for all students is strongly suggested to be kept in their backpacks.  Also, with the cold weather, please make sure to dress accordingly.  Don't forget your mitts, toques, winter coats and more!  Stay warm!  

​Supervision does not start until 8:45 a.m.   Also, if you are arranging for student pick up, please be at the school for 3:35 p.m.  

The office is an extremely busy place especially at 3:35.  Please try to have all pick ups arranged in advance if possible.  Please be on time to pick up students.  

​Please check often our calendar and website for up to date changes & information.  

​​Please check the school cash on-line website for the current hot lunches coming up!